Nice that you are here. On this page you will find some information about us and about our work. We appreciate your interest.

Our engineering office was foundet in 1997. At that time our focus was on hydraulic engineering and water management. It quickly became apparent that complex planning requires holistic considerations. Today we are still at home on and in the water – but we have considerably expanded our services and do not only consider purely technical questions, but also ecological and nature conservation aspects.

On the basis of the German fee arrengement HOAI, we provide engineering services from expert opinions through all planning phases to site management in the fields of water management, hydraulic engineering, open-air plant planning, ecology, civil engineering, transport and waste management.

Moreover, we find the underlying cause of things:

–       we map fauna and flora
–       we calculate load-bearing framework
–       we survey areas, water bodies and constructions
–       we calculate and model hydraulic systems
–       we measure runnoffs
–       we check foundations
–       we measure noise

It was never enough for us to be a service provider. Rather, as partners and custodians, we want to offer solutions that our clients are technically and economically convinced of.

current projects

Neubau einer Uferwand am Spreekanal

Hochwasserschutz Elbstraße Wittenberge

Laich- und Retentionsflächen Möllmer Seewiese

Sanierungskonzept Lindenhofweiher

Verbesserung der Hydraulik der Nuthe

Ökologische Durchgängigkeit des Verlorenen Wasserbachs

Ersatzneubau Einlaufbauwerk 681,5

Abflussverbesserung Güstebieser Alte Oder

Renaturierung der Dranse in Panketal

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